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Currumundi Lake

March 9, 2017

What was a luxury of staying in Australia for 6 weeks was falling in love with places and actually being able to go back again before we left. Currimundi Lake was one of those. In all honesty, our first go around was not all roses. Some of us were ornery and frustrated. So even though the blue skies and white sand and shallow lake provided happy memories for some, we’re glad we got a re-do just before we left, which was entirely giddiness and true, genuine happiness for the entire family.

The lake is right next to the ocean, so you get small waves of ocean water into the lake, without the giant tides. The water was shallow enough for Oliver to play around in, which was a huge perk. On our 2nd time there, we nearly had the lake to ourselves. Blake and Evelyn made and played with a friend, while Oliver, Brandon and I talked about what life was going to be like back in the states and how we could incorporate the lessons we’ve learned into real life. I will never forget our chat in Currimundi Lake. 😉

Currumundi Lake-1 Currumundi Lake-2 Currumundi Lake-4 Currumundi Lake-5 Currumundi Lake-6
Currimundi Lake

Currimundi Lake

Currimundi Lake

Currimundi Lake

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