This is Halloween!

    October 31, 2018

    Last year, we were Christmas for Halloween, this year: Halloween! Most of our festivities happened throughout the month, so on Halloween, we celebrated with a neighbor potluck dinner before trick or treating around our neighborhood. I’m grateful for a family-friendly neighborhood, good neighbors, and children that aren’t too cool to walk around with their parents. Yet.

    Here’s the scoop: this cutest little jack-o-lantern has succ-seeded all our expectations. Stop glowing up, Eli!

    I’m batty for Oliver.

    Which witch is my fave? Evelyn of course!

    No bones about it. Blake had the most Halloween spirit of us all this year! He was constantly asking to do something Halloween-y and insisted on being something scary. We compromised on a skeleton.

    I had a purr-fectly exhausting Halloween with my crew this year!

    Brandon doesn’t like Halloween very much, but I like him. Like a lot.

    And our family!

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