Sunday Snippets

January 10, 2016
  1. She amazes us with how she manages to create a mess out of everything. We still love her.
  2. She loves dressing up. The superman cape and my childhood apron are her favorites.
  3. She resists naps and has learned to crawl out of our crib when she’s angry.
  4. I got brave and tried potty training her one day this week but realized I wasn’t ready for the stress. Then today she went into the bathroom on her own and went. I guess that means we need to go for it! Wish us luck.


1. He has a blow out every week at church without fail.

2. Speaking of church, Janel Spencer from our ward made this cute blanket for him. She lost her husband a year ago, but still manages to serve our ward so much. It happens to be Oliver’s favorite blanket lately. He sleeps the best in it–we’re talking looong stretches at night.
3. He loves facing out and prefers to be on his tummy instead of laying down.

1. He has woken up with growing pains a few times in the last month. One night as Brandon was consoling him, he said, “I don’t want to grow anymore.” We couldn’t agree more. He is in a cute, sweet stage right now. Also, he’s quite the comedian and makes us laugh a lot.

2. He went home teaching with Brandon today since his companion couldn’t go. Blake asked to say a prayer before they went and said he was grateful to get to go with Dad.
3. The other day Evelyn hurt her foot playing and Blake immediately stopped playing and said a prayer to bless Evelyn’s foot to feel better so they could play more.
4. He would wear PJs 24-7 if I let him. He would not change out of them for church today, so Brandon had the brilliant idea to let him wear them under his church clothes. A great compromise if you ask me.


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