Sunday Snippets

January 31, 2016
1. He started an afternoon Spanish preschool at the beginning of this month and asks me everyday if he can go. He loves Miss Boni and is already counting and singing Spanish songs.
2. Brandon has taught him that girls go first, so he always gets mad if I give him a drink of water before Evelyn at bedtime. The other night I remembered to give Evelyn one first and he said, “Mom, Good job! You gave it to the right person!”
3. He’s learned to read the clock and knows not to get out of his room until 8-0-0. Some days it doesn’t work.


1. When people ask her how she old is, she says 3! without any hesitation. 2 going on 12 is what she is.
2. She asks for a driving cart every time we go grocery shopping.
3. She could eat a carton of cottage cheese in one setting if I let her.


1. His older siblings always want to be in his crib with him.
2. He smiles when Blake or Evelyn sing to him when he cries.
3. He’s bald on the back of his head.
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