Valentine’s Day Festivities

February 16, 2016

We spread out our Valentine’s Day festivities all week long. Blake had his first preschool Valentine exchange and was thrilled to make a school bus box with me one afternoon. He did all the taping and gluing and was so proud of his work. We had a heart pizza dinner on Friday night before the YM came over for a campout in the backyard. Brandon and I got to sneak away on Saturday night (with the cutest 3rd wheel, mind you!) for a date for Mexican food. I actually don’t love mexican food, but true love takes sacrifices, right? Brandon has been my ROCK lately and so going out to mexican was the least I could do.

2016-02-11 13.11.40-1

2016-02-12 17.31.09

On Valentine’s Day (Sunday), I got all excited to have this festive little breakfast for my family (including homemade heart scones), but I was really the only one that liked them. Not to mention, Blake and Evelyn were sick, so B and I tag-teamed going to church.


We as the Relief Society presidency put on our Visiting Teaching Conference with the theme of “Catch the Vision”. We wore heart glasses during our talks and brought yummy heart treats to share with all the women. I got to share to my love for the Visiting Teaching program. I’m grateful for my sweet Visiting Teacher who has been sweet to check in on me and even come watch my kids so I could run and shower one day when I needed a break.

2016-02-14 12.28.34 heart-brownies

I attempted a triple-layer lemon heart cake with homemade lemon berry glaze and lemon cream. It turned out tasty, but so glad we could share with all the Sundays. We were all a little sugar-overloaded from the festivities. But isn’t that the fun of holidays? Now back to this healthy business.




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