Score! Blake is 4!

February 18, 2016

Today my Blakester turned 4. It was such a happy day for all of us! (I haven’t been a patient mom lately, but today, today , was different. Maybe because I let go of all that had to be “done” and instead, played and celebrated. If only every day could be a birthday!)

Blake was just so fun all day long. He found such great joy in the simplest things and expressed gratitude multiple times for them. He said, “Mom, thanks so much for letting the birthday fairy come” or “Mom, thanks so much for making me a birthday cake.”

I love making birthdays a big deal and I reveled in all the excitement he had. It made me feel justified in all of my efforts.

He chose french toast for breakfast and homemade mac n’ cheese for dinner. Our theme for the day (because birthdays with themes are the best!) was Score! Blake is 4. He was in heaven wearing his “jersey” and gym shorts all day long. We had a very simple play date at the church gym with a few friends and spent the rest of the day as a family. He asked to help make his basketball birthday cake and of course I said yes. He’s always loved helping me in the kitchen.

He got just a few birthday gifts from us, his favorite being a doctor kit. We all got check-ups and multiple shots until bed time. He’s a fun little boy and we’re grateful he is ours.

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