Sunday Snippets

February 21, 2016
1. He loves games right now. He begs all day long to play them. He got Candy Land for Christmas, but his recent favorite is Spot It, Jr.
2. He continues to be obsessed with PJs. It’s a daily battle to get him dressed. And so, I usually let him stay in them unless we are going somewhere.
3. He asks every day if we’ve seen Star Wars. He’s enthralled with it, and can’t wait until he’s 8 to watch them.
1. She cries every time I drop Blake off for something. She wants to be a big girl so much. One day we had a mommy preschool and played with play dough.
2. She locked Blake and I out of the house when taking our Jason back to his house next door. Serioulsy, gone for one minute and both the front door and garage door were locked when we got back. It took us 10 minutes of bribing her with a treat to unlock the door. I wanted to laugh so hard because I couldn’t believe it was happening but also cry because it was cold!
3. She isn’t sleeping in a crib anymore. She was climbing in and out, so we finally put it away. She’s in a hand-me-down toddler bed for now and has better than expected. She still sings and talks to herself for at least an hour before she fall asleep.
1. He had a double ear infection and we didn’t know it for week. No wonder he was waking up so much during the night. His streak of sleeping 8 hours straight has ended, but hopefully not for long.
2. He can roll over from back to front 99% of the way.
3. He loves looking at light- sunshine through the windows, the TV (although we don’t let him look at it) and his glow seahorse Grandpa Dave gave him for Christmas.
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