All is Calm-ish

February 23, 2016

Whew! I survived another Tuesday night. All of the children are finally in bed…I think Evelyn may still up quietly talking to herself, but there is calm. I hope it lasts!

Brandon goes to Young Men’s on Tuesdays. I know we are being blessed for his service, but sometimes it’s hard to recognize that when all 3 are screaming at once and I am trying to get everyone in bed. Tonight, Oliver was having a particularly hard time falling asleep. I kept running up and down the stairs to his room to console him. Meanwhile, Evelyn had managed to dump her entire water bottle (intentionally, mind you) all over the kitchen floor. She knows better, that girl. So Oliver is screaming, Evelyn has made a mess, and Blake has scattered all of the plastic Easter eggs throughout the main floor. I guess that’s what I get for trying to decorate with kids around.

I often get asked how life is with 3 kids 4 and under. My answer is always the same. It’s good, until it’s crazy. And the crazy moments are CRAZY. Just like tonight. They make me want to rip my hair out and scream sometimes. But when all is quiet and peaceful, I feel that reassurance that I am doing what God wants me to do. I feel very grateful that I get to raise these little ones. And that they still love me no matter what.

When I tucked Blake into bed, he whispered quietly, “Mom, I love you.” And that’s just what I need to keep me going.

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