Growing Up

March 19, 2016

Just last week we were pretty excited to see our daffodil plants inching their way out of the ground. I pointed them out to Blake because I was super excited. First, because yippee for a sign of Spring. And second, because that means the bulbs I planted are actually growing. I’m not one with a green thumb.

Today when we went outside, Blake said, “Mom, look! Our flowers are growing UP!” I thought his wording was adorable.

Indeed, we have a curvy row of bright yellow daffodils that couldn’t be cheerier.

But just as the flowers are growing up, so are my babies. Some days are very long and exhausting and all I can think about is how I want and need a nap. And can’t for the life seem to do anything but survive. But then I catch little glimpses like this scene tonight and realize these days will be gone before I know it.

Blake will be too big for his favorite green “five” shirt. Evelyn will be too old to get away with choosing to dress herself in her striped Christmas jammies. Goldfish crackers won’t be as exciting to snack on. And that little Oliver. He just keeps growing faster than those obnoxious garden weeds.

These are the days. (And of course I can say that now as all 3 are peacefully tucked in for the night. 🙂

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