A Swiss Spring Break

March 28, 2016

There’s no Spring Break for full-time employees (and full-time moms  for that matter), so we created our own! Brandon gets all the credit for this one and we all couldn’t thank him enough for a few days away together as a family. He’s been working a lot lately trying to wrap up some big projects at work, so we were all thrilled to have him to ourselves.

We escaped to Switzerland (I mean Zermatt) and practically had the resort to ourselves. Until everyone else showed up for the Easter egg hunt on Saturday. It was a bit colder than we were hoping, but it didn’t stop us from getting outside and making some fun memories.


We saw a sign for gourmet grilled cheese and ice cream so we had to stop for lunch one day! I mean, Evelyn was wearing ice cream pants after all.

We were so disappointed that the indoor pool was shut down. We braved the outdoor one and although it was freezing outside, it was warm enough to swim. Barely. Oliver and I watched from the sidelines. We got so much enjoyment watching Evelyn swim around and around all by herself. I didn’t know we had a fish in the family! Blake stayed as close to the steps as he could get.

The sun was shining the next afternoon and so the pool was where we spent most of our time. Oliver was a fan, minus he sun in his eyes.


Blake and Evelyn got really creative on the mini golf course. I’m terrible at golf, but shuffleboard was a different story. The kids also loved playing pool.

Last stop: the Easter egg hunt, carousel and gelato! I’m thinking these quick little getaways are where it’s at!



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