Foolin’ Around

April 5, 2016

April Fools Day was loads o’ fun this year. A few months ago, Brandon and I found some For Sale signs at the DI on a date and have been saving them to play a trick. So April Fool’s Eve, we put them up in our yard and our neighbor’s two houses down.

The best part about this joke was a few days before AFD, I was talking to my next door neighbor and she told me how she could never move because she loved her neighbors so much. (Us and the ones that had a For Sale sign in their yard.) It made the joke so much better. For the record, we still have yet to admit it was us.


Later that afternoon, we found this sign on our door and a ton of paper watches on our lawn and this creepy guy:

IMG_8141 IMG_8134 IMG_8147

My neighbor and I ran over to another neighbor’s house and put this on her porch:

2016-04-01 14.43.48

We had Ryan, Colton, and Brooke visiting for the day and they were loving all the fun we were having, but wanted to play a trick of their own. So we quickly thought of what we could do and decided to have a FREE lemonade stand. We set it up and waited for the junior high bus to drop off the kids right across the street from us. We waited and waited, only to have the joke turned on us since it was Spring Break and no bus would be showing up that day. But, a few of the neighbor kids and grandma fell for our dyed water with 1 cup of salt.

2016-04-01 14.39.17

Our cute neighbor boy made this sign for our stand:  2016-04-01 15.41.28

The only thing that was amazing about our lemonade was all the giggles and excitement that came from the kids watching others fall for our joke. It was a fun day. We’re so glad the cousins were here to enjoy it with us.

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