April 9, 2016

Last weekend was General Conference. Lucky us got to have Sarah, Mike, Hollie and Seth stay with us for the weekend since my dad was in New Zealand. I’m amazed at how questions of my heart were answered, even though there were plenty of interruptions (plus a few times of dozing off– oops).

I made these snack bags for when each apostle spoke (thanks Marcelle for the great idea!) and it was a hit. Blake was excited each time a speaker would get up to see if they matched with one of the snacks. And even though it didn’t keep them content for all of the talk, they listened for a good chunk of it.

General Conference for kids

Who knew Uncle Seth was a talented chalk artist! We had the Plan of Salvation and other creations on our back patio for days. Our kids were enthralled!

2016-04-03 12.27.32

Sisters night thrifting, cinnamon rolls, and snuggles were other highlights of the weekend. I’m so grateful for a Prophet of God and other church leaders who give us direction for these days, because man, do I need all the help I can get!

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