April Little Things

May 1, 2016

1-2 | Sleeping Oliver. ¬†Need I say more? We’ve never had a baby fall asleep in a chair before. Thanks Oliver for giving us a new experience.

3| Mommy/daughter date to the garden shop. Evelyn picked out these purple flowers.

4| I thought Evelyn was done with naps, but turns out she just needs momma’s bed and her pink blanket and zebra to fall asleep.

5| Grandma came to watch the kids at the Ogden temple while we were at Cheri’s wedding.

6 | Admiring all the amazing seashells Grandpa Dave brought back from New Zealand.

7| Benson and Oliver

8| Evelyn’s first date with Jason.

9| Finally got rid of my favorite crocs. They’ve been all over Europe, Russia, Oregon, California, and most recently– running errands with my kids and doing yard work.

10 | A visit to my mom’s grave. It’s been 15 years since she passed away. Oh, how I miss her.

11 | Sweet Blake chilling with me before Spanish started. He loves listening to Guster before he gets out.

12 | Oliver at his 6 month appt.


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