Wind Wind Go Away

May 10, 2016

A few weeks ago, we had a HUGE windstorm during Saturday night. The howling of the wind kept us up throughout the night and by the time morning came, all 5 of us were in bed together.

There’s something about the chilly and loud wind that inspired us to make our favorite bran muffins for breakfast while waiting to hear if we would still have church that day. I had 3 cute helpers. Even though it takes 2x as long to make anything and gets 200x more messy, I’m glad they are learning to cook.

IMG_8573 IMG_8583

The last 2 hours of church were cancelled so the ward members could help clean up the damage in the neighborhood. It was awesome seeing everyone rally together to help. We lost some of our fence and shingles, but thankfully it wasn’t worse. Who knew winds here could be so bad. Hopefully we won’t have another wind storm for a long time!

IMG_8596 IMG_8593
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