Island Adventure

May 11, 2016

Until we get to go on a tropical island adventure, Antelope Island will have to do. What a gem it is! Of course, it takes the right person to explore with and Aunt Sarah happens to be the perfect adventure buddy.

We discovered a quaint farm which had nearly to ourselves and found this bench tucked in between large trees where we picnicked for lunch.

We will never forget the most amazing sight we saw: a rain storm brewing and making its way North. It’s presence was so distinct and breathtaking. That very moment made the entire trip. Nature is so beautiful and its a shame that we don’t make the time to marvel at its beauty as often as we should. We watched it for quite a while, until we had a few minutes to run to the car to avoid the hail.

On the way out, we happened to meet a few bison (do you know that buffalo only live in Africa and Asia?) They were just a few feet from our car. Kind of scary. But totally cool. If you happen to visit, look out for LadyFinger, too! 🙂

20160506-IMG_8796 IMG_8763 IMG_8769 IMG_8784 IMG_8816 IMG_8827
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