New Car!!

May 16, 2016

We’ve got some pretty great neighbors. All of the kids love playing between yards together while us mamas talk and garden. Since the Farnsworths are a bit older, they pass on their outgrown toys to us. Most recently–this Corvette! After a new battery, it’s in tip-top shape and it’s been quite the entertainer lately.

Funny story, Blake was scared of it at first and wouldn’t go near it for a week. Evelyn jumped right in and had plenty of crashes. Now Blake is quite a pro and loves being the chauffeur to the ladies. Oh, to be a child again.


^carefully avoiding my flowers because I’ve worked hard for those!

IMG_8919 IMG_8910 IMG_8925
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  • Jana Weaver

    So fun!!

    May 16, 2016 at 8:25 pm Reply
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