I Hope Tomorrow is Like Today

June 2, 2016

You know those really good days that you just don’t want to end? Last Thursday was like that.  As we were driving home from Salt Lake blasting Guster’s “I Hope Tomorrow is Like Today” song, Brandon and I both were wishing the next was just as good.

For me what made it so wonderful was spending almost the entire day together. We got to attend Blake’s program together and then after naps, Brandon had a great idea to celebrate a few things by going to Cheesecake Factory at City Creek. So all 5 of us loaded up and headed downtown for such a fun evening. The kids did pretty well at the restaurant and thanks to a gift card we had, we were able to splurge on some of our favorite appetizers and cheesecake. It was also Oliver’s 7th month birthday and he made his presence known with happy (and loud!) squeals.

After feeling very full and happy, we walked through City Creek. The children admired the fountains while B and I talked about some dreams  we have for our family.

The older I get, the more I realize family is my everything. I hope there are more tomorrows like that day.

IMG_8996 IMG_9005

^Oliver won’t take binkis, but his hand keeps him content. He’s got plenty of hickeys to prove it!

IMG_9009 IMG_9007  IMG_9012 IMG_9022 IMG_9030 20160526-IMG_9019 IMG_9031 IMG_9035
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