Memories from Memorial Day

June 9, 2016

We were going to jet out of town on Memorial Day this year, but we decided to stay home and finish some projects namely: Operation Backyard! I’ll post about those soon because they turned out so well.

Memorial Day was low key this year, which was actually kind of nice. We visited my mom’s grave in Kaysville in the morning, had a picnic, and then finished staining our concrete and playing in the backyard as a family the rest of the evening. Such a fun day!

IMG_9065 IMG_9068 IMG_9076 IMG_9081

^I love these cute new signs at the cemetary. My mom is buried at the corner of Cherry and Mulberry.

IMG_9084 IMG_9090

Justin and his family were there, too so we shared some favorite memories and the kids had lots of fun goofing off together.

IMG_9091 IMG_9099 IMG_9096


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