Scenes of S U M M E R !

June 9, 2016

It’s only the 2nd week of June and we’re all so glad it’s here. The children loving being outside, whether in the makeshift sand box, the kiddie pool, watering flowers, running from yard-to-yard or swinging, or cooling off inside in the afternoon. All of the sunshine has done us a lot of good.

I studied seasonal depression in college and I’ll tell you what. It’s a real thing. I think I had a good dose of it this winter (coupled with the fact that my hormones were still out of whack from having a baby.) But thankfully the sun is shining and I’m finally feeling back to normal (ish). Summer does a soul good.

And now enjoy some scenes as of late. I’m sure this is just the beginning…

IMG_9542 20160601-IMG_9168 blake and evelyn swimming IMG_9212 IMG_9227 IMG_9112 IMG_8947 IMG_9638
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