Sunday Snippets

June 19, 2016


  1. He insisted on wearing Evelyn’s pajama shirt after church.
  2. He said a 4 minute prayer the other night. His prayers are my favorite. One part I loved– “Bless me to eat cucumbers and carrots so I can grow big.”
  3. Naps are a battle, but if I snuggle with him he will take one. My favorite is when he’ll lean over and whisper, “Mom, I love you!”


  1. She’s learned to pedal on her tricycle and is pretty proud of it.
  2. She is quite  brave and loves trying new things, like going down the slide at the pool.
  3. She loves shoes and is always trying mine or B’s on.


  1. He’s so close to crawling and gets frustrated when he can’t.
  2. He loves having someone around him all the time.
  3. He now sits with us at the dinner table in his booster seat. Our table feels full and happy.


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