Dad’s Day– the Good

June 22, 2016

I shared the ugly of Father’s Day in the last post , but the day did end on a happier note.

Hollie and Seth hosted a Father’s Day picnic at their house after church. The scene was just lovely and I felt like we had just arrived to an English garden adorned with gingham tablecloths and a waterfall flowing.

We enjoyed a delicious summery dinner and then a game of croquet, while all the cousins admired the baby chickens, and gallivanted around the yard.

20160619-IMG_0185 20160619-IMG_0186

^This guy. He’s such a fun dad and I’m so happy he gets along with my family so well. I used to shake my head at a lot of things he did, but I’m finding myself enjoying his little quirks more and more–like this silly face. He keeps life fun and exciting.

20160619-IMG_0204 20160619-IMG_0272 20160619-IMG_0196 20160619-IMG_0199 20160619-IMG_0206 20160619-IMG_0209 20160619-IMG_0219 20160619-IMG_0227

^This was not posed, I promise. I looked up to see Hollie, Justin, and Sarah waiting for their turns and this was how they were standing. Who knew we had such naturals in the fam?


How fitting that my dad won the croquet game on Father’s Day. I’m so grateful for his unconditional love, unfailing service, and contagious zest for life. I’m blessed.

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