Oliver [at 8 months]

June 26, 2016
Oliver 8 months Oliver 8 months

Things to remember:

  • He got his first tooth on June 15th
  • He started crawling on Sunday, June 19th- Father’s Day. He was determined to get the toys from his friend Max during Gospel Doctrine and crawled to get them. He hasn’t stopped since
  • Eating and liking all baby food we’ve tried
  • He won’t take a bottle and is working on the sippy cup.
  • He likes to be put straight to bed, no rocking 🙁 but pros to that, too
  • He’s wearing 12 month clothes and has the chubbiest legs and knees. Everyone comments on how chunky his legs are.
  • He likes being in the Ergo
  • He loves playing with anything within reach.


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