My 30 Adventures!!

July 1, 2016

Last year on my 30th birthday, I started a year of 30 adventures.  It was my way of proving to myself that 30 could be cool after all, because I was really dreading it. Some of my adventures I planned well in advance and others came along throughout the year. I chose each one intentionally. Some I did just to prove to myself that I could do something different and hard. Others were things on my “bucket list” that I finally decided to make happen. Looking back, it’s fun to see what adventures this last year has brought. Here’s to staying “young” at 31!! Ha!

My 30 adventures: 

  1. Celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary by going back to Little America, where we spent our wedding night (August 23)
  2. Had my 3rd baby- Oliver Ellis (October 26)
  3. Got a real massage (got one after Oliver was born)
  4. Went to SLC German Christmas Market (December 4)
  5. Took all 3 kids to St. George without Brandon (January 25)
  6. Chopped my hair (January)
  7. Started learning brush lettering (April 11)
  8. Highlighted my hair (April 16)
  9. Joined a monthly Mom Group (April 20)
  10. Took photos of Oliver at an orchard (May 2)
  11. Finished an ebook for So Festive! (May 6)
  12. Called to the cub scouts (May 8)
  13. Ran a 1/2 marathon (May 14)
  14. Sent 30 REAL letters (year long)
  15. Hosted a Cookie Exchange Party (Decemeber)
  16. Started going to HIIT 6 am workout classes (Spring 2016)
  17. Went skiing with Brandon at Snowbird (December)
  18. Found ancestors names to take to the temple (last 5 months)
  19. Learned to like hummus
  20. Joined a summer co-ed soccer team with Brandon
  21. Read 3 books: How to Measure Life, The Innkeeper’s Wife, The Tipping Point
  22. Learned how to make pot pies from scratch (Pie Day)
  23. Learned a new game on our own- One Night
  24. Painted our railing (December)
  25. Attended a Caucus and counted votes for our precinct (March)
  26. Installed dry wall screws all by myself (March)
  27. Focused on improving kid photography
  28. Hosted an outdoor movie with neighbors
  29. Danced under the gazebo with twinkle lights with Brandon (June 29)
  30. Had a fancy Tea Party with girls! (June 29)
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  • Emily

    Love this! Can’t wait to see what adventures you’ll have being 31!!

    July 1, 2016 at 9:41 pm Reply
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