air show

An Amazing Air Show

July 5, 2016

{June 25}

A few Saturdays ago we ventured to the Wasatch Warrior Air Show with Grandpa Stan. It was a long day for the kids, but they did great. We’ve never been on Hill Air Force Base before, so it was cool seeing it. I got a little choked up as we walked in and heard patriotic music as the loud planes flew overhead. The Thunderbirds were amazing. The fact that they can fly within 10 feet of one another is mind boggling. Blake thought otherwise and plugged his ears the whole time. Evelyn kept asking for more. It’s so fun to see how different they are. We’re glad we could spend the day with grandpa.

IMG_0572 IMG_0547 IMG_0564 IMG_0577 IMG_0582 air show
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