A Fancy Tea Party for the Ladies

July 7, 2016

{ June 29} I have become good friends with Melanie Monson this past year as we’ve done preschool and play dates with our children. She’s also my co-cub scout leader and in between keeping those 9 year old boys in line, we talk about parties we want to throw–the first being a Tea Party for the ladies.

It was a brilliant evening, with all things fancy and festive. White picket fences and lace table cloths were set up on the back veranda to enjoy an evening tea in the “gaaden”, but a spontaneous wind storm quickly changed our plans, so into the parlor we went.

Everyone was instructed to wear a fancy hat, which I learned are called Fascinators. I found a cheap one on Amazon and even though Brandon said he wouldn’t kiss me wearing that thing, I had so much fun wearing it.


In fact, the new Relief Society presidency stopped by as we were setting up and as I answered the door with ringlets and the fascinator in my hair, they got a good smile. One commented, “oh, it’s too bad my girls are too old for tea parties. I should have done one for them when they were younger.” Melanie and I chuckled and replied back with a slight embarrassment, “This party is definitely not for the little girls. Our little girls would surely not appreciate all the effort we’ve put into this!”

We had a small, yet intimate group. After photos in the garden, we enjoyed herbal tea, scones, cucumber finger sandwiches, mini desserts and feminine conversation, without interruption of little ones.

Lastly, each guest got to make a cake stand out of plates and candlesticks that Mel and I had found at DI.

IMG_0870 IMG_0858 IMG_0881 IMG_0883 IMG_0841 IMG_0857 IMG_0882 IMG_0846 IMG_0847 IMG_0849 IMG_0872
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  • Jana Weaver

    So darling!! What a fun idea!

    July 8, 2016 at 8:31 am Reply
  • Dean and Andrea Nelson

    Couldn’t love this more!!

    July 11, 2016 at 8:43 am Reply
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