Steamboat Sunday

July 18, 2016

Last alliteration for a title, I promise!

Our Sunday (July 3) in Steamboat Springs was delightful. We had early church, which was a treat. It’s always special to visit a new ward and meet people of different backgrounds. Blake and Evelyn had no problems going to nursery and primary, which surprised us both.

I was touched by a woman’s conversion story that she shared in Relief Society. She had wanted to find a church for her family to attend and after visiting many churches, they hadn’t found one that they all liked. Once they visited the LDS ward in Steamboat, they immediately knew it was the right one and the entire family was baptized.

IMG_1004 ^This was the view from the parking lot!

We all got Sunday naps and then went on a Sunday stroll through the free Botanical Gardens. There were so many varieties of beautiful flowers. Also, we felt Lambs Ear. It was so so soft!!

20160703-IMG_1018 20160703-IMG_1036 20160703-IMG_1087 20160703-IMG_1037 20160703-IMG_1041 20160703-IMG_1049 20160703-IMG_1064 20160703-IMG_1070 20160703-IMG_1080 20160703-IMG_1093

We all enjoyed ice cream before dinner on the balcony while our frozen Lasagna was cooking. The kids loved that!!

IMG_1094 IMG_1100

We ate dinner, had Family Home Evening and then off to bed for the Fourth!

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