Oliver [at 9 months]

July 26, 2016

Life is flying by these days. I realized I never posted this! Oops!

Oliver 9 Months-1

Things to remember:

  • He’s so squirmy! We can’t change his diaper without a wrestling match! He wants to turn over and crawl away.
  • He is a fast crawler and is on the move.
  • He’s quite the laugher and loves being around Blake and Evelyn.
  • He likes Cheerios and puffs, but only a few and then he’s sick of them.
  • He can eat! I feel like he’s always hungry for food.
  • He still won’t take a bottle or sippy cup, so we are pretty attached if you know what I mean. That fact is getting me out of scout day camp though.
  • His two bottom teeth are in and I think the bi-cuspids are going to pop through any day now.
  • He will put anything in his mouth that he finds on the floor. I think I sweep or vacuum the floor at least once or twice a day.
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