Fun Times with the Nelsons

August 15, 2016

We’ve been so spoiled with friends and family in town the last month and half. We love when the Nelsons get to come to town and love it even more that they’ll stick hang out with us after all these years.

First up, the splash pad! Evelyn still likes Dean even after he put her under the water buckets.


July 12th was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A. I had stayed up until 4 am helping Sarah clean my dad’s house the night before, but it’s not every day that the Nelsons are here or that you can get free Chick-fil-A. We rounded up quick costumes and had such a fun time picnicing on the lawn outside the restaurant.

2016-07-12 13.07.01

Double Date Night with the Nelsons and our little twinner boys. We tried a new restaurant that we had heard good things about. It was a bit crammed and hot, but this wall totally made up for it! Ha! But our favorite part of the night was having them over for games and talking late into the night. Who knew we would have many of the same struggles and joys that we can help each other through. So grateful for their friendship!

2016-07-15 19.51.19-3

I had so much fun with Andrea and Kellie on our girls night. We grabbed dinner at Zupas and then shopped until we dropped. I may have gotten a little loopy…but we laughed until we cried and almost came home with these matching shirts…

2016-07-17 01.31.20

This next picture should be captioned “No wonder why the clothes won’t fit.” It was one of those had-to-be-there moments that we couldn’t stop laughing about.

2016-07-17 01.31.29

Such fun times.

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