King Camp: The Hoe Down!

August 16, 2016

Hollie and Seth were in charge of King Camp this year and they did an AMAZING job. We stayed at Seth’s uncle’s cabin in Fruitland, Utah and the entire property was amazing.

It wasn’t until after getting back from the beach that we realized they had the cutest Hoe Down set up for us. And much to our surprise, they brought horses! IMG_2127

IMG_2121 IMG_2130 IMG_2133 IMG_2134 IMG_2124 IMG_2140 IMG_2142 IMG_2147 IMG_2158 IMG_2161 IMG_2166 IMG_2171 IMG_2172

Riding horses was a highlight for all of us!

IMG_2256 IMG_2185

It looks all easy to kiss a horse, but actually, right after this moment, I thought I was going to have my head eaten off!


The “I hate hoe-downs” photo. This moment will be forever remembered. Haha.  Also a note, Brandon’s first time riding a horse. I think he nailed it, don’t you?


We danced long after the sun went down. Seth and Hollie taught us all a few new country dances and let’s just say some of us were not as good as the others. But it was a blast nonetheless.


It’s rare to get a photo of all 6 of us girls. I sure love them! And loved this night so much.

2016-07-29 22.09.39
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