Sunday Snippets

August 21, 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Sunday Snippets post. Today was the first Sunday in a while that we didn’t have anywhere to be except church and home. And it was nice. We had time this morning to make muffins together and watch the “waterfall show”. We enjoyed a healthy dinner and got to take a walk since it was cool enough to.  I am grateful Heavenly Father created the Sabbath so we could take a rest from our daily labors.



  1. He has a recent love for spray bottles and so kindly washed our windows before church.  He also loves doing puzzles.
  2. Quotes, “What are we going to do with you?” or “Mom is adorable.”
  3. He thinks Dad’s car is the coolest place ever and loves trying out the seat belts and listening to Guster when daddy gets home.


  1.  Our anti-snuggly girl is turning a new leaf. When we’re lucky, she’ll cuddle up with us. It’s never very long, but we will take what we can get!
  2. Her love for shoes continues.
  3. She’s been potty training for a week and has exceeded my expectations, although we aren’t quite there yet. She’s so looking forward to her princess shoes that are coming in the mail on Wednesday. As soon as she’s all potty trained, she gets them and asks everyday if it’s Wednesday.


  1. His newest trick includes pulling himself up on furniture and his crib. It’s a good thing we lowered it a few weeks ago.
  2. He is great at self-entertaining. He loves escaping to the toy room and will play with trains or books or cars all by himself. And by play, I mean pull everything out or wreck the tracks Blake has so carefully built.
  3. He’s the happiest baby, but he will scream for no apparent reason. At church today he screamed during Sacrament and half the congregation turned around to see who it was. He’s got a good set of lungs on him.
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