8 is GREAT!

August 23, 2016

Happy 8 years to us!

Never did I think our life would be what it is now, 8 years from that amazing August 23rd of 2008.

Some of my favorite things we’ve done together thus far include:

  • Having 3 of the cutest kids in the world together
  • Exploring Europe and Russia together
  • Playing on a co-ed soccer team together
  • Planking an accent wall in our bedroom
  • Going skiing together for the first time
  • Having too many laptop parties to count
  • Making our house our home

I’m thankful for this wild ride we are on together and so happy Brandon persisted and waited around long enough for me to decide to say YES. Although, truth be told, when he came to visit me the first time after I got back from Germany, I remember looking over at him from the kitchen sink and getting the feeling that I would marry him. Even after that impression, it took me a while to decide in my heart and my mind that he was the one. But I’m glad he is. He makes life fun, adventurous, is a great dad and my best friend.

To forever! ♥

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