Oliver [At 10 months]

August 26, 2016
Oliver 10 months-1
  • August 11- pulled himself up on the couch (9.5 months)
  • First top tooth broke through on August 10th
  • Has 4 teeth.
  • Pull himself up on  on furniture, but still prefers crawling
  • His screams are so loud. You can hear them from a mile away. He causes many heads to turn at church.
  • He has developed a picky palate. He won’t eat bananas anymore and doesn’t really like baby food. Most of his food ends up on the floor because he is more interested in dropping it than eating it.
  • He’s a mama’s boy and I love it. He’s more cuddly than he used to be and so if I’m lucky at night before bed, I’ll get a few minutes of snuggle time with him.
  • Lately he’s been waking up at 4 am and 7 am on the dot. I’ve got to sleep train again.
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