Still Here.

September 1, 2016

First things first. Happy September!

Gone are the days that I update this in real time. I really miss that, you know. This space used to be an “in-the-moment” journal and lately it seems like it’s a place to dump photos and after thought memories. I sure miss the emotion that comes from writing when things happen.

I’ve debated for a while now what I should do with this blog. Between this, Instagram, my personal journal, and the kids personal journals, I feel like we are well on our way to documenting our family history. I’ve thought about simplifying and just keeping a few places up. But I suppose that each place has it’s purpose. I don’t want to share things really close to the heart here and for my kid’s sakes, not all things should be shared publicly.

Heavens knows though that I need a place to used all the thousands of photos I take. And a blog just seems like a really good place for it.

Besides, I’m not sure many still read this anyway and in lots of ways, that’s very liberating. Because I can just write without worrying what people think. That’s how it should be anyway.

For the meantime,  I’ll just keep on keeping on.

I’m hoping with the craziness of summer over (well almost!) that I can write here more frequently. I’ve got lots to catch up on.

Brandon and I both caught a stomach bug today. He is doing a little better than me, so he took Blake and Evelyn to the library to pick out a movie and stock up soup and 7-up. I’m still doing my 100 Days of No Sugar challenge so I’m not sure if I give in to the 7-up since I’m sick or stay strong.

Our house is a complete disaster. A storm is brewing outside my window. Oliver is scooting around happily while I type this from the couch.

Life is good.

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