Backpacking to Ruth Lake, Part 2

September 12, 2016

Part 1 here.

Let’s see, where did we leave off? I think we were at the part where I was looking up to the roof of the tent and wondering when and if the night would ever end.

But it did. We all woke up sleep deprived, but the fresh morning air and sunlight got us all up and going. And let’s be honest. Knowing we could take a nap later that day made us all very happy. Especially me.

ruth-lake-33 ruth-lake-34

^something about bundled up babies. At least I got lots of snuggles.

We cooked up some oatmeal for breakfast, packed up camp, and spent some time fishing before we hiked out.

ruth-lake-35 ruth-lake-36 ruth-lake-38 ruth-lake-39

My dad was so cute. He really wanted Blake to catch a fish before we left. He told us later that he had prayed that they would catch one and they did! He let Blake reel it in and to see his excitement was priceless.

ruth-lake-41 ruth-lake-43 ruth-lake-44 ruth-lake-47 ruth-lake-48 ruth-lake-51 ruth-lake-52 ruth-lake-53 ruth-lake-55 ruth-lake-56

^Evelyn wanted to help Oliver turn his head to smile. Haha!

ruth-lake-58 ruth-lake-60 ruth-lake-66 ruth-lake-64

Our backpacking trip was an adventure to say the least. We learned a lot and got to see beautiful Utah.

Our last adventure was getting back into Kamas. On the drive up, we hadn’t realized that our tank was on empty! Since there was nothing we could do until morning, we prayed hard that we would make it back. More prayers would said in the morning. Each mile we passed driving down was one less mile one of us would have to run. It was a marathon, then half marathon, then 10k and 5k. We pulled into the gas station with .3 left of a tank. Miracles!

To celebrate our adventure and making it back into civilization, we ate lunch at a cute outdoor grill. That food tasted amazing! I’m glad we got to end the trip on such a good memory!

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