Sunday Cereal Bash

September 17, 2016

I used to have Sunday Cereal Bashes every week in college, so it was fun to have one when Ryan, Colton, Ty, and Sawyer were here for a sleepover a few weeks ago.

Brandon really saved the day. I never buy sugar cereal because that’s all my kids want to eat when it’s in the house. He had gone shopping a few days earlier and being the  fun dad, picked up some when it was on a good sale. Good thing he did so we could be the cool aunt and uncle when they were here.

I’m thinking we need to have cereal bashes more often so my kids don’t go crazy when sugar cereal is around. After all the cousins had a bowl, they were done. But 3 bowls later, my kids were still going crazy. Hmmm. Moderation in all things I guess.

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