Back to School

September 21, 2016

Last night we had our Back to School Feast. The evening did not go as planned. Brandon had to work until bedtime, so we feasted without him. We didn’t get to our Father’s blessings, but we’ll get to them this week.  What I learned is that we are all trying and even though things don’t go perfectly, we can make the best of situations. img_4485

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I’ve been praying to know what our family theme should be. I mean, Blake’s only in preschool, but I really wanted to choose a scripture that we could memorize and focus on as a family.

As I was setting up for the dinner, I just couldn’t decide on which one to use– hence the blank chalkboard.

Then, out of nowhere, a scripture popped into my head and I knew that’s what we needed to focus on this year!


I never got around to writing it on the board (real life!) but had a good little discussion and starting memorizing this scripture:

“Learn of me and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my spirit, and you shall have peace in me. -D&C 19:23

I’m grateful for this last-minute inspiration and know that this is what our family needs to focus on this year. Our children are young, but it’s never too early to build a foundation on the ONE that can bring ultimate peace. And it’s never too late. Brandon and I need to study the words of Christ just as much as our children do. Can’t wait to dive into some good study of Christ.

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