Field Trip to Black Island Farms

September 30, 2016

[Sept 30] My cute neighbors and I were talking one afternoon as the kids ran from yard to yard (with exception to ours since we currently have none! Ha!) that we wanted to go to Black Island Farms this Fall. The prices were crazy expensive for normal hours, but if we went as a preschool field trip, we could get in for a few dollars. So we gathered up a group from the ward and went on a field trip.

Black Island Farms does fall right. They had a cute wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch, with a few farm lessons along the way. The kids each got to pick a pumpkin out and then we got to play in all the fun farm games they had. Blake and Evelyn loved the slide and pig races and “train” rides the best, but my favorite moment was the spontaneous dance performace that the kids all jumped up on the stage to perform for us mamas. I have not laughed so hard in a long time.

Today I was really grateful for my village. It takes a village to raise children and I felt gratitude for good friends and their good kids. And for fall. And farms. And a husband that could work from home in the morning so that Oliver could nap and I could spend time with just  Blake and Evelyn. All in all, a really good, grateful day.

black-island-farms-14 black-island-farms-15 black-island-farms-16

^”There’s dirt on my hands.”- Yes, Evelyn! We are a pumpkin patch.

black-island-farms-18 black-island-farms-19

^Cute Evelyn, Lucy, Blake, and Caleb

black-island-farms-23 black-island-farms-21 black-island-farms-24

^Their prized pumpkin possessions


^These kids have moves!

black-island-farms-28 black-island-farms-29 black-island-farms-30 black-island-farms-31 black-island-farms-32 black-island-farms-34 black-island-farms-35
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