A Super Weekend in Star Valley

October 3, 2016

As soon as we heard there was going to be a new temple in Afton, Wyoming, we knew it would be a great excuse to visit Andy and Rachel and Co. We wish we could get up there more, but at least this time it was set in stone.

Sweet Brandon was able to arrange working from their house on Friday so we could venture up to Jackson Friday evening. I’ve always wanted to go to Jackson. In fact, in the 9 year we’ve been married, I always hope that we can slip up there when we are in Wyoming, but since other family hasn’t been interested in going in the past, we’ve never been able to swing it. But this time we did. And it did not disappoint. We were only there for an evening, but someday I’d like to carve an entire weekend out just for that cute place.

On the way, we spotted the most vibrant orange leaves I’ve ever seen. Leaf Peeping with my peeps made my heart so happy.


Once in Jackson, we played tourist visiting the town square and window shopped. When Brandon was there with his family when we were dating, he brought me a Huckleberry Chocolate Bar from Jackson Mercantile. We stopped in for old time’s sake and he treated us with another. I just have to wait another month to eat since I’m still doing no sugar.

2016-09-23-17-50-39-1 img_4668 img_4674

I may be biased, but we picked the best weekend to be there. The cool mountain air coupled with the autumn colored leaves refreshed my soul. And we made some very happy memories. My favorite part was when Brandon pulled off the side of the road and initiated a hike. It was sprinkling, but the kids insisted on walking to not the first, but second bridge. We were all relaxed and it was one of the moments I’ll always remember so vividly. We also saw a few moose that the kids were super excited about. Blake even asked if he could ride it. That led to a great wildlife discussion. Ha!

img_4640 img_4644 img_4654 img_4650 img_4662

The rest of the time was spent hanging out with cousins. They painted, played, and traipsed through the SNOW! Yes!

2016-09-24-14-45-21 img_4586 img_4587 img_4588 img_4620 img_4679 img_4682


And then for what we came for: The Star Valley Temple Open House.

2016-09-24-16-39-07 img_4711 2016-09-24-17-26-00-1

Of all the new Temples we’ve seen in the past few years, this was the smallest and most simple. So simple. There were only a few fancy details. But it was a great reminder that the gospel is simple. All we need are the basic truths of the gospel to bring us happiness and joy.

What a perfect weekend getaway.

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