Evelyn is Three!

October 8, 2016


Your name meaning LIFE continues to hold true for your upbeat and contagious personality. You bring life to every situation. You are always on the go and love to do exactly what Blake is doing. You wish you were big enough to go to preschool and cry when Blake leaves. You don’t mind playing cars, in fact, you’re quite a fan of dinosaurs, trains, and building things. But then you surprise us with a sweet, mothering side. You carry your baby dolls around and tuck them into your pink blanket, your most prized possession.

Your nightly ritual includes gathering “ducky”, “lamby”, “phony”, pink blanket, and kiwi and bringing them into your toddler bed with you. On days you don’t take naps, you fall asleep quickly. On days you do, you’ll often sing or talk yourself to sleep. After we sleep with you for a “wong time”.

You are a brave eater and will try most things, even those that are green. We’ve given potty training a few attempts, but we’ve all learned it has to be on your timetable. Any day now and we wouldn’t complain.

You love stories. We love when you’ll snuggle up with us while reading books or watching soccer with daddy. Your snuggles are rare, so we love when we get them.

You’re our little princess. Remember you’re a daughter of God and with him, everything is possible. We love you so much! Little Miss E, we wish we could keep you little forever.

We went on a mommy date to take these photos and while we were out in between the rain showers, we saw THE most gorgeous FULL rainbow. It reminded me of you. You’re our rainbow. You bring us happiness and joy. We love you so.

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  • Andrea Nelson

    Not sure how you managed to get so many darling pictures of one three year old, except that E is just that….darling! Happy Birthday Evelyn! You make this momma long for a little girl just like you! 😉

    October 8, 2016 at 10:05 pm Reply
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