Evelyn’s Cupcake Birthday

October 8, 2016

For weeks leading up to Evelyn’s birthday, I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. And all she responded with was “cupcakes!” So a cupcake birthday it was. She also got to stay in her princess PJs all day which was probably one of the biggest highlights.

We had a simple play date with her cousins and neighbor  in the morning. We decorated cupcakes, they got princess necklaces, we read Pink Cupcake Magic and decorated princess pictures. It was so simple, but so perfect for the little girls. And Evelyn was so happy.

evelyns-3rd-birthday-2 evelyns-3rd-birthday-3 evelyns-3rd-birthday-6

After pizza and playing with the Murrays who were staying with us, our little family escaped to the pumpkin patch for the evening. Then more cupcakes to end the night!

evelyns-3rd-birthday-7-2 evelyns-3rd-birthday-8
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