9th Annual Spudnut Social

November 5, 2016
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Our 9th annual Spudnut social was different this year. We postponed it for a few reasons, but by the time we did it, I was kind of un-motivated to do it, to be perfectly honest. The night before we had a huge water leak through our kitchen ceiling. And my dad broke his leg and had leg surgery that morning. But, we pulled through and had it anyway.

It was a bit disappointing since so many people who were looking forward it and told us they were coming didn’t. So we had lots and lots and lot of extra spudnuts.

But despite all that, making my grandmother’s spudnut recipe that my mother made for us made me happy. What is it about recipes that make you feel so connected to generations? That’s what made me happy about our social this year. And seeing Blake and Evelyn get so excited to help with the party.




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