Bebe Oliver Turns One

November 5, 2016

[October 26] Just a few weeks after Oliver was born, I had the idea for his first birthday- a French party since his name is French. It’s wierd I know, but these ideas just come to me in the most random times.

He started the morning off by finding birthday quarters and opening his gift before daddy left– a wooden rocking horse I thrifted. I tried to keep the party simple so I could focus on Oliver and since we were leaving that night for NYC, we didn’t go all out. It turned out just right.

img_6354 olivers-1st-birthday-2

Since Oliver will only eat a handful of things right now, we served him pretty much the only foods he would eat: baked oatmeal for breakfast, grapes, and frozen pizza for dinner.

olivers-1st-birthday-1 olivers-1st-birthday-4 olivers-1st-birthday-5

Weather in the 70s called for dinner at a French bistro aka our back patio, with bistro lights.

olivers-1st-birthday-6 olivers-1st-birthday-8 olivers-1st-birthday-9

He wasn’t sure about the cake. It took him a while to get into it, even after Brandon spoon fed him a little. But he soon got the hang of it.

olivers-1st-birthday-10 olivers-1st-birthday-11 olivers-1st-birthday-12 olivers-1st-birthday-13

^He still sucks on his wrist when he’s tired. He’s never been one for a binki, but his wrist he loves.


That birthday smile! He’s got a whole lot of personality right now and it showed on his big day. We bathed him, let him sleep a few hours and then woke him up to head off on a red eye flight to the big Apple.

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  • Dean and Andrea Nelson

    What a perfect birthday for a perfect boy! And backyard bistro lights!?! You amaze me!

    November 5, 2016 at 6:23 am Reply
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