Visiting Santa Clause

December 5, 2016

“There are men who object to Santa Claus, because he does not exist! Such men need spectacles to see that Santa Claus is a symbol; a symbol of the love and joy of Christmas and the Christmas spirit. In the land of my birth there was no Santa Claus, but a little goat was shoved into the room, carrying with it a basket of Christmas toys and gifts. The goat of itself counted for nothing, but the Christmas spirit, which it symbolized, counted for a tremendous lot.

We live in a world of symbols. No man or woman can come out of the temple endowed as he should be, unless he has seen, beyond the symbol, the mighty realities for which the symbols stand.” From The Holy Temple, page 41.


Our town has THE cutest Santa Clause and one that we’ve been going to for 3 years now. It’s completely free, but oh so magical. While we waited for our turn, we got to eat Christmas cookies and cocoa and decorate crafts.

Santa Clause called the children by name and they each got a turn telling the jolly old fellow what they wanted this year. He was so cute and took notes in his leather notebook. And bonus- no tears this year from anyone! Hesitation yes, but no screams.

Blake asked for a big-bad monster truck!


Evelyn asked for a princess ring.


Oliver asked for nothing. 🙂

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We can’t wait to see what Santa brings us this year!

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