Snapshots of Christmas

December 25, 2016
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^Evelyn got her princess ring! And chocolate for breakfast? Sure!

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Our best attempt at a Sunday best photo!

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Santa brought these two headphones for the plane ride!


Oliver was napping when we opened gifts so he got to open his right before bed time.



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I loved, loved, loved having Christmas on a Sunday! We actually had to wake up our kids because by 8:30, they were still asleep! After opening our stockings, we attended Sacrament Meeting. The program was beautiful and filled with the Spirit. I wish every Sunday could be full of Christmas hymns!

After church, we opened gifts, and then took naps before heading over to the Sundays.

Brandon and I both agreed that this was probably our favorite Christmas. The kids were at such a fun age. We got to sleep in! We tried keeping the season simple and we set up the day with low expectations so we weren’t rushed from house to house. It was a memorable day!

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