On Simplifying

December 30, 2016

I had 2 goals this past year: Spirituality and Simplifying. Here’s a few ways I’ve simplified this year that has helped me.

  • I work really hard at getting my laundry done by Monday night, Tuesday at the latest. When I don’t get it all done in one day, then I end up forgetting about loads that stay in the washer for days. I feel more freedom during the rest of the week when I know it’s done.
  • I put a little basket for toys in their bedroom. At the end of the night, any random toys can be thrown into the basket. That way, it’s a quick clean up.
  • I try and have my kids make their beds and get dressed before breakfast each morning.  It sounds pathetic, but after going downstairs to the kitchen, it’s so hard to get everyone back up to their rooms once they’ve started playing.
  • We moved the toy room to the “formal living room.” Now when guests are over, all the toys are on the main floor. So guests rarely go upstairs. This has saved me so much stress! Now, I don’t worry about friends waking Oliver when he is napping. Also, since Brandon works upstairs now, I don’t worry about friends interrupting his work when they are over.
  • Meal planning on Sunday simplifies my week.
  • I’ve thrown out many old toys and hidden a lot of the rest. Up until I did this, most of my day was spent picking up toys and more toys. And my children don’t even play with toys, but instead find random things to play with. I’ve minimized our toys and clothes a lot which has helped. My kids play better too with less stuff around.
  • I’ve got frugality bread within me, but I’ve tried to only buy things I really love. Even if something is cheap, I don’t want to buy it because of a great deal.

I’m excited to continue on this journey of simplifying!

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