The Day That Didn’t Exist

January 28, 2017

Sunday, January 29th is a day that never happened, but it did.

After a four hour layover in LA on January 28, we boarded Air New Zealand flight NZ1. Cheerful flight attendants welcomed us and helped us get settled before the other passengers arrived. We were blown away at their professionalism and kindness and helpfulness throughout the duration of our trans-pacific journey.

2017-01-28 13.58.02

^Off we go!

Our flight arrangements were ideal- we had a row of 4 seats with extra leg room for us to stretch out on. Oliver just barely fit into the baby bassinet and got a peaceful few hours of sleep in it. The rest of the night, he cuddled up in my lap, and his head was the perfect little pillow for me to get some shut eye.

2017-01-28 22.53.10

Blake and Evelyn also conked out after a plethora of screen time and treats that they aren’t used to. (When in Rome…)

Auckland-1 2017-01-29 07.26.56-1

We had low, low expectations for that flight. In fact, that was the only thing Brandon and I were really worried about. But we not only survived, but thrived. Tender mercies!

Thanks to the international dateline, as soon as we landed in Auckland, it was Monday, January 30. The Monday that started our grand adventure abroad.

2017-01-29 10.03.04-1

^Travelator: the first of many funny words we’ve seen.

2017-01-30 07.23.42-1
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