Day One

January 30, 2017

[Monday, January 30.]

We caught a taxi from the airport to our flat near Mt. Eden. As we drove away from the terminal, Evelyn’s first words were, “Mom, look at the broccoli trees!” She was right. The trees did look like giant pieces of broccoli. And all the others were so green.

We pulled up to 461 and knew we were going to love that place from the get-to. I’ll do a separate post on that adorable place soon.

Our hungry bellies got the best of us, so we gallivanted down Mt. Eden road a few blocks to the village. So much charm! We found a bakery and let everyone pick out their favorite.

After a healthy family nap, we boarded an airbus headed to the end of the line at Britomart. We didn’t know exactly where we were going, but lucky us, ended at Seeport, a festival for Auckland’s anniversary.

Brandon and I were shocked to find every activity free from carnival rides to sunscreen (which was a blessing since we had forgotten to apply it.)  We all had boatloads of fun. We then headed back to our flat for a homemade spaghetti dinner and veggies before calling it a night.

Queen's Wharf Auckland-1-2 Auckland-3

impromptu dance party!

Auckland-5 Auckland-6 Auckland-2


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