Takapuna & Tacos

January 31, 2017

While we were in Auckland, we met up with my dad’s cousin, Brent Buckner and his wife Debbie. I like to call them my Swiss parents since I spent two weeks at Christmas of 2006 with them in Zurich, Switzerland. They are the kindest people and always motivate me to be kinder, more hospitable, and faithful.

Debbie prepared a delicious taco dinner, which just represents the kind of person she is. I remember her saying years ago how she doesn’t like to cook, but you would never guess that. Everything she makes is a masterpiece and we all went away with full and happy bellies that night.

Their apartment in Takapuna is 1 block from the Takapuna beach, so an after-dinner sunset stroll was in order. We collected seashells, the most amazing I’ve ever seen. When my dad visited them last year, he fell in love with that beach as well, so it was neat to walk the same sand that he loved so much.

I know I talked about the coolest playground , but the one we played at in Takapuna that night was even more awesome. We stayed until the sun was down.

Brent kindly drove us home to our flat that night, despite the fact that he would usually be fast asleep by the time we left. I’m so grateful my little family now has memories with the Buckners.

Takapuna Takapuna-4 Takapuna-5 Takapuna-6 Takapuna-7 Takapuna-10

^Oliver was adorable in this swing. Back and forth, back and forth, the swing moved. He was so content in there, he hardly moved a muscle. His sweet voice coo-ed a lullaby that nearly pull all of us to sleep! Two words: Jet lag.


^Blake and Evelyn had to join in! 2017-01-31 19.58.28-1

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