Buderim Forest Park

February 5, 2017

Hiking through the Buderim rainforest was an experience we won’t soon forget. Lush, tall green trees reached for the sky, creating a canopy a shade as we walked through the park to the water fall. The waterfall tends to be bigger after a rainstorm, but it was still impressive. On the way out, we were delighted to hear the song of monkees, birds, and whatever other creatures were around. Seriously, I kept looking for hidden speakers¬†in the bush because it sounded like the recordings you hear on the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland. We were just a bit creeped out. Haha!

Buderim Forest Buderim Forest-2 Buderim Forest-4 Buderim Forest-3 Buderim Forest-5 Buderim Forest-6 Buderim Forest-7 2017-02-06 09.31.57
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