An Ordinary, Breathtaking Day at King’s Beach

February 9, 2017

[February 9]

The lazy Friday morning had caught up to us. Oliver had just woke up from his morning nap and since Brandon had some work to catch up on that afternoon, we didn’t want to miss on the sunshine. I packed us a picnic, with no specific plans other than to see where on walk on The Esplanade took us.

I really need to do a post just on our town here because it’s pretty awesome. To not get too distracted, The Esplanade is a boardwalk that runs along the coast for miles and miles. We take a walk on it at least once a day and that day, we stopped to enjoy our picnic overlooking Bulcock Beach, the closest beach to us. Blake and Evelyn LOVE chasing birds away. The view never gets old. It’s still surreal we are here.

Kings Beach Kings Beach-2

We ventured farther and stopped at King’s Beach. The waves were too big to play in, but thanks to a torrential downpour the night before, we found a little pool on the beach that we had to ourselves. We stayed here for hours. The water was shallow enough for Oliver to crawl around in. What I love about living by the beach is that going is a always a new experience. I keep wondering if we will get sick of it, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Kings Beach-3

This is how we roll around here. We could not love this stroller more! Oliver eventually got sleepy and took a nap, which is a huge deal for him.

Kings Beach-4

Since Oliver was napping, we tried out the splash pad at King’s Beach. The salty water of the fountains made it a little harder to play in, but Blake and Evelyn and I got out every last ounce of energy before we headed home for naps. They were so tired they fell asleep at 3 pm and slept until morning. And really, since when did Blake look like an 8 year old? It seems like our little children have grown up so much here already.

Kings Beach-6 Kings Beach-7 Kings Beach-8 Kings Beach-9 Kings Beach-11 Kings Beach-12
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